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These solutions are bolster productivity and efficiency in government establishments

a subset of the ICT4D plan, Data Miners Consult Limited has developed a framework codenamed “eGES” (The eGES stands for “eGovernment Enterprise Solution). The eGovernment Enterprise Solution is meant to foster the human and intellectual capacity of all MDAs which in turn moves Nigeria closer towards
the achievement of VISION 20:2020 eGES has been developed for adoption by all MDAs, Private institutions, the academia and self service through Virtual Private Networks, Internet Connections and Local Area Networks in cases of higher security and unavailability of the Internet.
The eGES is a full modular system and has been developed with interoperability in mind for easy integration, adoption and implementation across different organizations through the eGES data exchange protocol.
The eGES has the following modules: File Tracking System, Directive Tracking System, Human Resource Management for Government, Appointment Manager, Visitor Management System, Contract Management System, Bug Tracking

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