Software Development

Data Miners Consult Limited is a Software Development Company and has been involved with the development of multiple applications from the highest level of Government (The Executive Office of the President, Commander-in-Chief) to Private Companies and the General Public. We strongly believe that Software can be used as a tool to propel African business to compete squarely internationally and rank tops globally. We build software applications for Organizations and Companies with meticulous attention to detail and imbibe 21st century principle and standards to our development. Apart from building applications for the 21st century companies, we also offer cheap, affordable and spread form of payments for companies and organizations that cannot necessarily afford good technology but are willing to try us for a period.

eGovernment Enterprise Solution

As a subset of the ICT4D plan, Data Miners Consult Limited has developed a framework codenamed “eGES” (The eGES stands for “eGovernment Enterprise Solution). The eGovernment Enterprise Solution is meant to foster the human and intellectual capacity of all MDAs which in turn moves Nigeria closer towards
the achievement of VISION 20:2020 eGES has been developed for adoption by all MDAs, Private institutions, the academia and self servicethrough Virtual Private Networks, Internet Connections and Local Area Networks in cases of higher security and unavailability of the Internet.
The eGES is a full modular system and has been developed with interoperability in mind for easy integration, adoption and implementation across different organizations through the eGES data exchange protocol.
The eGES has the following modules: File Tracking System, Directive Tracking System, Human Resource Management for Government, Appointment Manager, Visitor Management System, Contract Management System, Bug Tracking

Web Development

Websites have many function and can be used by various sectors: a website can be a personal site, a commercial site, a government site or a non-profit organization website.
We design and develop both Static and Dynamic websites. A dynamic site is one that changes or customizes itself frequently and automatically. Interactive sites are part of the Web 2.0 community which we design for clients requiring a 2-way communication between them and their consumers, clients or the public.
We design websites that can be easily integrated with ERP and other services that might require data from the public using an API or a common known protocol for data communication between the site and the Service requiring information from visitors.

IT Consulting

We offer a full suite of Data, Telecom and Professional Services thereby
simplifying the design, purchase, installation and management or our clients
and network equipment

Data miners consult serves as an experience advisor and primary contact point
throughout the entire telecom & network lifecycle; from solutions architecture
design to implementation

We offer unbiased consultation, helping our clients make informed decisions
as to which software application is most suitable for them and the kind of
hardware they need to purchase

ERP Deployment

An Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP) is a software application that combines multiple
enterprise solutions for organization to use to mange its business processes. Each ERP module is focused on one business area of organizational department and it can be standalone.
The PostPrincipal ERP solution brings to you a wholly integrated ERP solution, which has been design with a need-connect-architecture. Our ERP solution can interact with other enterprise modules, send and receive data, parse arguments and provide analytics across different modules.
PostPrincipal can be used by organizations of all sizes and sectors to perform better. From the back office to the client desk, warehouse to inventory block, and corporate office to construction yard, you just tend to work better and have data as you go.
Our mission is to help companies of all sizes perform better. Our vision is to change the world to organizational performance and client responsibility.
PostPrincipal ERP is a wholly web-based solution, we seek to help and computerize the way organizations run by providing a one-stop enterprise solution. This ERP is fully built in Nigeria by an elite team of developers and can meet customer’s needs at anytime. We provide 1st level customization for unique business process in all sectors from manufacturing companies to construction firms and other sectors.
PostPrincipal ERP was authored and developed by Data Miners Consult R&D Department

Managed Services

We manage Services for businesses who intend to mitigate labour overheads and outsource management services to us.
Our Range of managed services span from hardware services to software services as well as network and internet services.
We managed services has the following features:
i. Flexible Solutions: From simple management and reporting to full outsourcing of that service
ii. New Technologies: Data Miners Consult also provides new technologies that are
interoperable during our service management, to drive companies into newer and
more efficient technologies
iii. Rapid Fault Restoration: We detect, report and clear fault codes within 24 hours of detection and let the client know what fault was detected if possible how it was
cleared and in rear cases a change request


Our ICT Services Training Team can provide standard or bespoke training courses for a wide range of applications software at our modern training facility based at Wuse 2, Abuja.
Our course will suit beginners as well as advanced users and cover introduction to computers, windows awareness, word processing, spread sheet, database, internet access and authoring, local area networking, C Programming, PHP, Java Programming, Pseudo coding and office skills. We are able to develop bespoke courses or amend any of our standard courses to suit your needs.
We can run training in our customers training room if explicitly required by our customers